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Where To Continue with Fitness Fixer During Healthline's Pause for All Bloggers

Jolie Bookspan, M.Ed, PhD, FAWM
Thank you and congratulations to everyone who wrote to see if I was OK when Fitness Fixer suddenly stopped broadcasting April 7. Smart readers know I never missed getting you Fitness Fixers for the last 4 years - even overseas with remote, difficult, even non-existant Internet. You know who your friends are when they check in to say they care. Thank you.

The Blogger software that Healthline uses to make the Health Authority blogs including Fitness Fixer, announced that we cannot upload articles or receive or reply to comments after April 30th. Through an engineering accident, my Fitness Fixer was stopped April 7th. Healthline has told us that for an undetermined time, perhaps many months, all blogs cease. While the next step is determined:

Thank you to Johanna, who single-handedly redeemed the complaining students featured in Air Pushups. Johanna came to a recent Fix Back pain class and said she had taken a yoga class with me and remembered when I did one-armed air push ups. She said she thought I was a superhero. Thank you Johanna.

Thank you Dr. Paul Auerbach who invited me to write The Fitness Fixer. Thank you Healthline.

Thank you readers for the thousands of letters telling how you fixed your pain and your life using this work. Lots more we can do. Rock On.
Read success stories and send your own. See if your answers are already here - on and the Fitness Fixer Index. Limited Class space for personal feedback. Top students may earn certification through More fun in Dr. Bookspan's Books.

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